Alumni Changemaker Profiles

Celebrating 40 Alumni Changemakers

We celebrate you, as we celebrate 40 years of Diversity & Leadership in Public Service! To honor our 40 years, we want to celebrate our most valuable resources - our alumni! Throughout 2021, we will share profiles of alumni from the fellowships throughout our organization's four decades of diversity and leadership in public service. PPIA is proud to support a network of nearly 4,000 alumni. Our alumni are working in every sector both at home and abroad.

Chancellor Joseph I. Castro (UW '87)Creating a Thriving and Diverse Student Population

Catherine-Mercedes Judge (Michigan '08)Empowering and Engaging Communities

Sophal Ear (Princeton '94) - An Advocate for International Development and Independence

Rochelle Haynes (Princeton '01) - Improving the Lives of Vulnerable Children and Families

Seyron Foo (Princeton '08) - Building Relationships to Accomplish Positive Change

Sekou Kaalund (UMD '96) - Forging Pathways of Economic Wellbeing for All

Nani Coloretti (Berkeley '90) - Managing Resources and Leading People with Care

Ana Cubas (CMU '92) - Building Leadership and Community for All

Stacie Olivares-Castain (UW '96) - Protecting and Improving the Lives of those Undeserved

Farouk Ophaso (Michigan '06) - Federal Budget Expert Ensures Resources are Aligned with Public Policy

Martha Chavez (Princeton '91) - Cultivating Diversity in Higher Education

Jennifer Godinez (Princeton '96) - Shaping Educational Equity within Communities

Tommy Tobin (Berkeley '09) - Addressing Food Justice through Service, Education, Advocacy, and Leadership

Melisa Lopez Franzen (Michigan '00) - Serving Community through Advocacy and Political Leadership

Tam Ma (Princeton '11) - Advancing Policy that Supports Health, Safety, and Equity of Society

Michael Mitchell (CMU '09) - Advancing Equality through Public Policy

Cordell Carter (UMD '97) - Effectively Impacting Leadership and Social Innovation

Dorene Martinez (UW '98) - Advocating for Sustainable Finance and Corporate Responsibility

Arlane Gordon-Bray (CMU '08) - Ensuring that Underserved Communities Thrive within an Evolving Workforce

Dale Anglin (Berkeley '85) - Advancing Equity for Children and Families

Josh Diosomito (Berkeley '00) - Improving Homeland Security Operations and Facilitating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Conversations

 Adán Chavez (Berkeley '17) - Building Coalitions to Build Power in Underrepresented Communities

Randi Hall (Michigan '13) - Using Data and Research to Create Effective Social Welfare Policy

Fanta Traore (Princeton '14) - Using Economic Research to Create Equitable Outcomes

Glibert Collins (Princeton '95) - Developing Programs that Improve Lives around the World

Ramon Cruz (UMD '97) - Building a Safe and Healthy Environment for All

Jeffery Salaiz (Michigan '95) - Prioritizing and Strengthening International Relations

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