In an increasingly interconnected global environment, leaders in the activist, policy and academic spheres must learn how to critically analyze these phenomena and also envisage harnessing their constructive potential. And Northeastern University’s School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs new MA in International Affairs is dedicated to preparing tomorrow’s global citizens.

Launched in September, the interdisciplinary graduate program is designed to foster a deeper understanding of global and international social, cultural, historic, economic, and political phenomena. Courses are taught by leading scholars who allow students to pursue a variety of themes encompassing globalization, transnational social justice, political and economic development, migration, human rights, and diplomacy – among other topics.
“Whereas other programs funnel students into a narrow vision of International Affairs, our program, as evident in its two tracks, offers students the opportunity to explore multiple facets of international affairs, globalization, development, policy, and social movements,” said program director Amilcar Antonio Barreto.

The university, which is expanding nationally and globally, is delighted to have a program that pairs humanities with policy and practical knowledge. Watch the following short video to learn more about the MA in International Affairs.

For more information, visit the MA in International Affairs page, or email Kathryn Higgins at [email protected].