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At the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs, you have the best of both worlds: a close-knit learning community coupled with the resources of one of the country's largest and most respected research universities.
The Humphrey School of Public Affairs ranks among the country’s top 10 professional public policy and planning schools, widely recognized for its success in advancing the common good through a comprehensive, world-class program. Our graduates work in leadership positions at local, national, and global levels. They plan cities, hold public office, run nonprofits, manage government relations for Fortune 500 companies, lead sustainability efforts, and fight for equal rights.

Degrees Offered

MPP Master of Public Policy
MURP Master of Urban and Regional Planning
MDP Master of Development Practice in International Development
MS-STEP Master of Science in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy
MHR Master of Human Rights
MPA mid-career Master of Public Affairs
Ph.D. in Public Affairs

Dual Degree opportunities with the schools of Law, Business, Public Health, Social Work, Civil Engineering, and Landscape Architecture

Fields of Specialization/Study Tracks

Child / Family Policy
Education Policy
Energy Policy
Environmental Policy
Foreign Policy
Government (Public) Administration
Housing / Economic Development
Human Rights / Humanitarian Affairs
International Development
Nonprofit Management
Organizational Theory / Management
Public Finance / Budgeting
Social Policy / Poverty
Urban Studies / Regional Planning

Graduate Program Overview

Master of Public Policy (MPP): Throughout the world, public policy is the foundation for how we live our lives. By enrolling in the MPP degree program, students are prepared for careers as future leaders focused on advancing the common good in a diverse world. The program brings together students who are committed to public service at the local, state, national, and international levels; equipping them to design, manage, and advocate for better policy solutions. 

Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP): Who designs our cities? Graduates of the MURP degree program are leading efforts around the development of areas such as transportation and housing. Through dynamic, interdisciplinary training in public policy, education, public health, and natural and social sciences, the MDP degree program prepares students for careers in international development, equipping them with the skills needed to address the problems of poverty, social justice, and sustainable development.

The Master of Development Practice (MDP): For many countries around the world, wealth inequality and limited access to resources creates an unjust system of haves and have nots. The MDP degree program is an interdisciplinary program preparing students for careers in international development. The degree provides rigorous interdisciplinary training and equips students with the skills needed to address the problems of poverty and sustainable development in the developing world.

Master of Science in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (MS-STEP): Every year, new reports are released stressing the pressing need for action around environmental policy. The Humphrey School’s MS-STEP degree program is one of the few concentrations in the nation that prepares individuals with backgrounds in natural sciences, physical sciences, or engineering to become leaders and innovators who integrate science with policy and action to solve grand challenges. MS-STEP introduces students to the role of science and technology in the economy, food production and health, energy and the environment, security policy, and education; and covers the impact of science and technology on the political and economic relationships among nations. Students learn to analyze and design policies for appropriate promotion and regulation of science and technology regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Master of Human Rights (MHR): In a world that needs visionaries, the MHR degree program prepares students to engage in global human rights challenges through research, policy analysis, and advocacy. The MHR program is jointly supported by the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and the College of Liberal Arts, and brings together the highly regarded offerings of the graduate minor in human rights and faculty expertise in fields ranging from non-governmental organization (NGO) management to global public policy.

Master of Public Affairs (MPA): Using a unique cohort-based approach, the MPA degree program is geared toward mid-career professionals with 10+ years of work experience who want to advance their skills in public and nonprofit leadership, policy, and program analysis, and using research data for evidence-based decision-making.

Admissions Deadline

December 15 for admission and consideration for University-wide Fellowships

January 15 for admission with merit-based financial aid

April 1 for admission only

Admissions Overview

Admission to the Humphrey School is highly competitive. We look for students who can both contribute to and benefit from our challenging learning environment. The School welcomes students from a variety of backgrounds and offers financial assistance based on merit. Criteria include academic achievement, work, volunteer and leadership experience, commitment to a career in public affairs or planning, and potential contribution to the diversity of views and experiences represented at the Humphrey School. For questions about the Humphrey School admissions process, please contact: [email protected]

Contact Information

Humphrey School, 3725 29th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN

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