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The UCLA Department of Public Policy offers the Master of Public Policy (MPP). MPP students can pursue interdisciplinary Global Public Affairs and Leaders in Sustainability certificate programs. Joint degrees with Law, Management, Public Health, Medicine, and Social Welfare offer an even broader range of skill and expertise development. An undergraduate Minor in Public Affairs is also available. We take people who are passionate about making a difference in the world and give them the tools they need to do so. Our master’s program combines the best of rigorous policy education with a flexibility and responsiveness that enables us to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world. A career in public service is no longer limited to working in government. By giving students a diversified tool kit of quantitative and analytical skills and the flexibility to design their own program of study— while drawing on all the resources of one of the world’s top research universities — we produce graduates who are equipped to become real leaders in policy making, wherever that process takes place. Study Public Policy at Luskin. Training and experience that prepares one to transform the world to come.

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Degrees Offered

MPP Master of Public Policy

Public Policy also offers the following concurrent degree programs: MPP-MBA, MPP-MSW, MPP-JD, MPP-MPH, and MPP-MD


Fields of Specialization/Study Tracks

Education Policy
Environmental Policy
Government (Public) Administration
Healthcare Policy / Management
Housing / Economic Development
Information & Technology Policy / Management
International Development
Nonprofit Management
Social Policy / Poverty

Graduate Program Overview

The MPP Program culminates in a mandatory three-quarter sequence of courses, led by faculty advisers, dedicated to the preparation and presentation of a major Applied Policy Project (APP) on behalf of a client agency, nonprofit organization, or firm working in the public interest. The objective is to challenge students to conduct a detailed investigation of a real policy problem facing the client and to develop evidence-based and actionable recommended solutions. Students are encouraged to grapple with the challenges of policy implementation in the midst of competing and often conflicting social, political, economic, and technical interests.

Admissions Deadline

January 10th

Admissions Overview

The Department of Public Policy seeks a diverse pool of applicants who have been trained in a wide range of disciplines and preferably have had previous experience in policy making or implementation. No specific background or undergraduate major is required. Admission are holistic. Decisions will be based on a multifaceted evaluation of the applicant's overall academic record, applicable test scores, and the potential for public policy as evidenced by work experience, community engagement, extracurricular activities, or other relevant experiences. An applicant's written statement of purpose, goals, and letters of recommendation also weigh heavily in the decision-making process. Please visit our website here for contact information and FAQ.

Contact Information

University of California, Los Angeles UCLA Department of Public Policy, Luskin School of Public Affairs, 3250 Public Affairs Building
Los Angeles, CA

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