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Fields of Specialization/Study Tracks

Child / Family Policy
Education Policy
Energy Policy
Environmental Policy
Foreign Policy
Healthcare Policy / Management
Housing / Economic Development
International Development
Security Studies (National or International)
Social Policy / Poverty

Graduate Program Overview

The Pardee RAND Graduate School (Pardee RAND) was founded to train policy analysts to master the analytical tools required help decision makers in both the public and private sectors find solutions to some of the world\'s most difficult, sensitive, and important problems. PRGS is a component of the RAND Corporation, the world\'s original and best-known \"think tank.\" Trained as problem solvers, Pardee RAND graduates are sought by academic institutions, think tanks, government agencies, research laboratories, and a variety of businesses.

Academic and practical experiences are interconnected at Pardee RAND. Coursework in such fields as economics, statistics, political science and the social sciences is complemented by part-time work on RAND research projects. Working on RAND research teams helps students to obtain professional skills and tacit knowledge that the academic program alone cannot convey. Most fellows work on a variety of projects during their time at RAND, giving them exposure to a range of research methods, colleagues, and clients in policy areas such as health, defense and security, transportation, energy, the environment, education, civil justice, business regulation, labor and population. By the time they graduate, most fellows have accumulated the equivalent of at least two years of job experience in policy analysis and policy consulting.

Admissions Deadline

January 5

Admissions Overview

Please see our website at http://www.prgs.edu/prospective-students

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