Alumni Changemaker: Michael Mitchell

Alumni Changemaker: Michael Mitchell

Advancing equality through public policy

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Michael Mitchell embodies the values of dedication, confidence, and contribution.

Having the opportunity to learn from, be supported by, and build a network through Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA) Junior Summer Institute, Michael Mitchell gained confidence that he is now using to move equality forward.

With a strong focus on the economy and broad-based opportunity, Michael recognized that progressive policy spaces were ill-equipped to think about equity both in their work and their workplaces and dedicated himself to facilitating both the research and the plans necessary to create greater balance.

Graduating from Syracuse University with a Masters of Public Administration, he began his career as a policy analyst through the State Policy Fellowship program - a two-year opportunity for early career researchers interested in state-level policy.

Eventually, Michael would join the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities as a policy analyst. Based in Washington DC, his research would focus on research and analysis related to the state budget, tax, and economic policy.

“From tuition costs at public colleges to the sustainability of roads and bridges to affordable childcare for working parents, budgets and taxes play a critical role in determining the quality of life for all of us.”

During his tenure as a Senior Policy Analyst at the same organization, he focused on policies that impacted state higher education and also recognized how costly the criminal and juvenile justice system is to families, communities, and state budgets. 

In order to accomplish the goal of lowering these costs, he spoke on panel discussions and partnered with a number of social justice organizations.

His current role as the Senior Director and Counselor of Equity and Inclusion at the Center, has him leading the organization’s efforts around race and inclusion as it relates to policy analysis, internal operations, and external partners.

Not only has his report, Advancing Racial Equity With State Tax Policy, become a central point of reference on the subject of racial equity and public policy at the Center, but his influence as Director of the State Policy Fellowship Program is bringing diverse voices forward to debate policy and positive reform to health care, taxes, anti-poverty, education, and criminal justice.




We celebrate you, Michael Mitchell, for uncovering the data that clearly points us in a direction of change. Your multiple avenues of contribution remain a beacon of light for many to find possibility and opportunity where there was none previously. Thank you for remaining determined to further equality and justice in those public sectors that impact human potential.



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